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What is Cloud Kitchen?

Cloud Kitchen,” sometimes known as a “Ghost Kitchen” or “virtual kitchen,” refers to a commercial space primarily utilised for only food delivery. The Rolling Plate brings you a one-of-a-kind blend of creativity and innovation in the field of cloud kitchen. The goal is always to deliver a remarkable business model with unrivalled development and investment opportunities. We aimed to present a model for generating exceptional profits that was both effective and efficient. To that end, we have now established 20 hot-selling brands and 20 cloud kitchens across the country, with sixteen cloud kitchens in Delhi NCR, three in Hyderabad, and one on the way in Bangalore. We have 20 brands, 14 of which are Indian and 6 of which are Chinese.

Cloud Kitchen Franchise Process

00 Lakhs +


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Franchise Clients

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Benefits to Opening Cloud Kitchen Franchise

1. No Space Required
2. No Rent
3. No Salary
4. One Time Low Investment

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